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Wazeer's Aquariums originally started out in the east rand traders square with shop A6. Today almost 20 years later Wazeers’s Aquariums has grown exponentially in to one of the largest fish retailors in South Africa with three branches in Gauteng.



Wazeer's Aquariums originally started out in the east rand traders square with shop A6. Today almost 20 years later Wazeers’s Aquariums has grown exponentially in to one of the largest fish retailors in South Africa with three branches in Gauteng.



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Wazeer's Aquariums is your one stop for all your fish and fish tank requirements. We are one of South Africa’s prominent and largest provider of ethically obtained ornamental tropical fish, marine fish, corals, aquatic plants and merchandise. Wazeer’s Aquariums has been the store of choice for hobbyist wanting the best quality fish and advice, because they understand that we have been in the industry for almost 20 years, allowing us to gain valuable knowledge, experience and expertise that our competition does not have.

We specialise in tropical, marine and cold water fish and anything related to fish. With over 150 fish tanks, excluding an arch tank showcasing fish in only one of our fish rooms. This ensures that we always have quality and exotic stock and are providing the largest range and variety of aquatic fish and plants to our customers.  Wazeer's Aquariums is your premium aquarium specialists. With one of the best fish rooms in Gauteng guaranteed.

Wazeer’s Aquariums has become South Africa’s leading aquarium designer offering a supreme ability and many years of experience to custom build practical aquariums with after sales support.

Our goal is to strive for excellence, this means that we pride ourselves in providing quality customer service with real, honest and practical advice. Wazeer’s Aquariums have become trend setters in the industry and are leading by example with competitors following.  

We land weekly shipments of premium marine, tropical and cold water aquatic stock from all over the world, such as Singapore, China, Shanghai, Malaysia and Indonesia to name a few giving us an unbeatable variety and quality of aquatic fish that reaffirms us as trendsetters in the industry.

Wazeer's Aquariums  proves yet again to be trendsetters in the industry. In the second half of 2017, Wazeer's Aquariums is bringing in products specially made for Arowanas. We are the only retailers in South Africa that can offer you a full product range designed specifically for Arowanas. Four amazing Arowana products made by Azoo were brought in and are available now. They are: Azoo Arowana Auto Recycle, Azoo Arowana Vitamin, Azoo Arowana Magic Treatment and Azoo Arowana Live Water. For details on them please find them on our online catalog. With these products we are sure to stay ahead of the competition. We sure know how to take care of Arowanas and that goes without saying. If you want the best come to the best. Wazeer’s Aquariums are able to supply Asian Arowanas (certified).  We have  been to the  Singapore and Malaysian Arowana fish farms numerous times allowing us to supply quality fish to our clients. You won't be disappointed!

Wazeer’s Aquariums is the preferred maintenance and installation contractor of aquariums, our unique approach makes us trend setters in the industry. With stuff having over more than 15 years of experience in the industry ensuring that we are always well equipped and prepaid for any situation and can make reliable and trusted judgments. Through this approach Wazeer Aquariums provides a hassle free aquarium keeping experience. Wazeer’s Aquariums focuses on top quality high end aquariums, with no challenge too big or too small.

Wazeer's Aquariums goes at least once a year to Singapore to hand pick marine and tropical fish from our suppliers in Singapore treating our customers to absolutely exotic fish ensuring that we are always ahead of our competition. Enquire in store for our next shipment.

Wazeer Aquariums provides single, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly service intervals, tailor made to suit your individual needs,enquire in store for more information.

Come in store today and let us help you make those fish tank dreams a reality because we dream in colour and not just in black and white. We have one of the widest range of aquariums on floor to choose from, if you cannot find a suitable aquarium on the floor we will custom build an aquarium that suits your specific needs and requirements ensuring that we make your dreams a reality.We order specific items that our customers require ensuring that we cater for all our customers’ needs and requirements.

Our services

include :

  • Dry and Frozen foods
  • Internal, External filters and Air Pumps.
  • Spares, impellors, piping and tubing.
  • Water Conditions, Supplements and Medication.
  • Reactors, Protein Skimmers and Wave Makers
  • Marine Fish and Corals.
  • Tropical Fish and Aquatic Plants.
  • Gravel, Substrate, Crushed Coral and Aragonite.
  • Filter Media.
  • Planted Tank Needs, Requirements and Professional Aqua Scaping.
  • Leds, lighting and fittings.
  • Background Pictures and 3D Background Pictures.
  • Tanks, Stands, Starter Kits and Cabinets.
  • Artificial Plants and Ornaments.
  • Test Kits.
  • Marine Salt, RO Water, Salt Water.
  • Heaters and Thermometers ( Digital as well)
  • We set up new aquariums.
  • We revamp existing aquariums.
  • We move aquariums.
  • Water Tests.
  • We do maintenance of aquariums.
  • Offer advice and quality service.
  • We custom build aquariums
  • We custom build snake boxes and terrariums.
  • On site installations.
  • Import Asian arowanas with permits. Also only retailer in South Africa that stocks a full range of Arowana products such as Arowana Auto Recycle, Live Water, Magic Treatment & Vitamins.
  • Imported high quality, hand picked tropical and marine fish.
  • Bettas, Siamise Fighters and Siamise Fighter tanks, food and conditioners.

Wazeer’s Aquariums stocks all leading brands such as Tetra, Boyu, Sun Sun, Seachem,  Hikari, Jebao, Eheim, Sera, Hailea, Zet light, ista, ADA, Epic Aquatics,Dophin, Ocean Nutrition, Sebo, Beams Work, Omega One, Asian star, Inch Gold, Cascade,  Nutrafin, Water Life, Via Aqua, Aqua Clear, Pro Clear, Reef Octopus, Bio Elite, Organic Aqua, Microbe-Lift, EcoTech Marine, Azoo, Azoo Plus , Sanrise, Dymax, Montego, Jock, Exo Terra, Whiskas, JBL and many many more.


Boksburg Branch

Corner Oosthuizen & Frank Roads
South Africa 1459
011 826 5887

Boksburg North Branch

Corner Of Cason & Trichard Road Boksburg North
South Africa 1460
011 892 0371

East Rand Traders Square Branch

East Rand Traders Square
South Africa 1459