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Seachem Discus Buffer

Adjusts pH to 5.8 - 6.8 Helps to replicate the ideal Discus environment.  

ADA Chlor-Off (250ml)

A chlorine neutralizer for removing residual chlorine from water

ADA Clear Super 50g

It is a substrate additive made from activated carbon and organic acid. Clear Super helps the growth of microorganisms.

ADA Green Brighty Iron

A lack of iron results in chlorosis of leaves and poor plant growth.

ADA Green Brighty Neutral K

promotes plants photosynthesis and healthy growth without increasing pH and Carbonate Hardness (KH).

ADA Green Brighty Nitrogen

Supplying nitrogen to the planted aquarium improves the color of leaves and growth of plants.

Aquavitro Alpha

Removes chlorine, chloramine & ammonia detoxifies nitrite & nitrate, heavy metals & more most concentrated conditioner on the market

Aquavitro Shrimp Exo

Raises iodide Safe and easy to use Aids in replicating ideal environment of freshwater shrimp

Aquavitro Shrimp GH

Adds a complete spectrum of minerals to the shrimp aquarium Restores and maintains general hardness (GH)

Aquavitro Shrimp pha

Lowers pH Two-part system for targeting pH in freshwater shrimp aquariums

Aquavitro Shrimp phb

Raises pH Two-part system for targeting pH in freshwater shrimp aquariums

Aquavitro Shrimp Start

Removes chlorine and chloramines Detoxifies ammonia, nitrite,and nitrate Detoxifies heavy metals found in tap water

Azoo Plus Aquaguard Plus

All new tannin extraction method. Instantly eliminates ammonia, residual chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals and other toxic substances. Natural organic matters and vitamins to promote fish vitality and colour enhancement.

Azoo Plus Arowana Auto Recycle

Contains high levels of natural aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. Decomposes organic compounds, fish excrement, uneaten foods, NH4, N02, N03, hydrogen sulfide & other harmful substances.(250ml)

Azoo Plus Carbon Plus

Carbon plus provides organic carbon for aquatic plants. A C02 substitution source promotes ferrous state of iron. 250ml treats 10 000L.  

Azoo Plus Discus Vitamins

Provides essential minerals and nutrients. Cures Nutritional diseases of wild & captive bred discus Promotes healthy growth, vivid body colours & good body shape. Significantly enhances the metabolism & resistance to diseases in fish.

Azoo Plus Ultra BioGuard

Special probiotics that can quickly decompose nitrous acid, ammonia, nitrates, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful substances.

Bacter 100 (100g)

Bacter 100 is a substrate additive, containing more than 100 kinds of substrate bacteria in a dormant state.

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