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  • Marine Aquariums
    Marine Aquariums

    Our wide selection of marine fish, and invertebrates will enable you to build a spectacular reef tank in your home or office. Our friendly staff members have a passion for fishkeeping and will share their experience and inspire you.

  • Equipment and Products
    Equipment and Products

    We have one of the widest selections of aquariums, equipment and fish keeping products in South Africa. Our dedicated staff will help you with tanks and equipment to suit your every need.

  • Fish Room
    Fish Room

    We have over one hundred and fifty 3-foot tanks, over twenty 4-foot tanks, three 2-meter tanks and an arch tank. These show case imported fish from around the world. We have experienced staff running our fish room and ready to assist any of our valued customers. 

  • Delivery & Maintenance
    Delivery & Maintenance

    We provide maintenance and clean up services, we also do deliveries and installations on request for our clients. Our team is permanently on standby to offer help to our valued clients. Delivery on the Eastrand and certain areas is not a problem!  

  • Planted Aquariums
    Planted Aquariums

    We are your one stop shop for all your planted tank needs and requirments. We stock everything from CO2 systems, LED lights, substrate, tweerzers, flourish, flourish excel, iron and anything in between.

  • Hikari Retailer
    Hikari Retailer

    Wazeer's Aquariums is one of the largest retailers of the Hikari fish food brand, promising our clients quality products and services satisfying their every need. If you require a specific food and we don't have it we will order it for you specically.

  • Seachem Retailer
    Seachem Retailer

    Wazeer's Aquariums is one of the largest Seachem retailers in South Africa stocking every product to satisfy your every aquarium need. 

  • Exotic Ornamental Fish
    Exotic Ornamental Fish

    Wazeer's Aquariums prides it's self with providing the largest variety of exotic fish both tropical and marine. We ensure that we always have the best stock and of the highest quality. We specialise in exotic and rare species as we are a proper hobbyists shop for those that know  what they want.

Welcome to Wazeer's Aquariums

Our goal is to strive for excellence. We provide an unparalleled and  largest selection of healthy tropical and marine fish guaranteed. Specialising in fish and anything related to fish. We stock all the necessary equipments, treatments, lights, gravel, substrate and fish foods(frozen and dry). Wazeer's Aquariums is one of the largest fish retailers in South Africa, setting trends in the industry and leading by example. We ensure quality customer service and understand that customers matter. We import quality ornamental tropical and marine fish from around the globe on a regular basis (Singapore, China, Indonesia, shanghai and Malaysia to name a few). No challenge too big or too small for us.Come in store and let us make your dreams a reality because we know how to  with over 20 years experience in the industry and expanding exponentially. We are your one stop shop for all your fish and fish tank needs and requirements.


No challenge too big or too small.We build custom tanks to suit our clients specfic needs and requirments.Help us to help you make that dream tank a reality because we dream in colour and not just in black and white.Custom tanks is what we specialise in. It is what we love to do. It is what makes us unique.


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Our CEO MOHAMMED JEEWA with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Capable of handling any question or enquiry ensuring quality customer service and satisfaction at all times 

We specialise in fish and anything related to fish, both tropical and marine, guaranteeing our customers the largest variety of aquatic species.

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On the 30th June 2018 Wazeer's Aquariums made history by throwing one of the largest Aqua Scaping workshops to date in South Africa with a turnout that absolutely exceeded our expectations. To couple with the workshop it was also the official launch of ADA in south Africa.

The workshop was to primarily teach people about how planted aquariums work. As aqua scaping
is taking South Africa by storm Wazeer's Aquariums wants to remain industry leaders and to set examples for others to follow.
It gave customers the correct knowledge of how the plants are actually planted into the soil, what soil to use, how to layer the soil, why it is important to layer the soil and how to start a planted tank using the correct bacteria boosters and supplements. 
Together with this event we had representatives from Sera and JBL South Africa, with Sera South Africa giving out free samples to customers.
It was a day filled with fun and constructive chaos due to the large turnout and due to the amount of activity in and out of the shop.
We scaped a 1.2 meter tank with a star fire glass front panel. It was a challenging day for Wazeer's Aquariums and staff as we had to attend to every customer's needs and concerns.
To soften the overload we had the team give out water, cold drinks and hotdogs to clients. 
Overall it was a fantastic day. Showing South Africa who the real industry leaders are and showing the beauty and simplicity of aqua scaping. 
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