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Azoo Arowana Auto Recycle

Call for Price: 011 826 5887

Wazeer's Aquariums is the only retailer in South Africa that stocks Azoo and that can offer you a full range of Arowana products.

Made from selected excellent bacteria which purifies water and conditions it. 
Decomposes organic substances, nitrite, nitrates and poisonous hydrogen sulfide in water and gravel. 
Hydrogen sulfide is a by product from the break down of  organic waste. It also occurs during  denitrification( reduction of nitrate). While most products can break down organic waste many can't prevent the creation of hydrogen sulfide, but Azoo Arowana Auto Recycle ensures that this by product is not created. 
Applied with Azoo Arowana Live Water periodically will prolong the need for a water change.
Contains more then 10^9 active photosynthetic bacteria per milliliter. 
Add it periodically to become bacteria which can inhibit the growth of pathogenic 
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