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Azoo Arowana Vitamins

Call for Price: 011 826 5887

Wazeer's Aquariums is the only retailer in South Africa that stocks Azoo and that can offer you a full range of Arowana products. 

Provides vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, A, D, E and B-glucan that Arowanas and other fish tend not to get from there normal diets. 
By providing theses specfic vitamins you ensure excellent growth. 
Helps fish to have a good metabolism and good resistance against diseases. 
Helps fish adapt to a new environments. 
Curses illness thats caused by feeding the same fish food over long periods of time. 
Effective to treat hole in head disease,  darken disease and scoliosis( bent spine). 
Provides essential nutritious substances for all arowanas and other fish in aquariums.  
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