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Azoo Plus Discus Vitamins

Price: R295.00

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Wazeer's Aquariums is the only retailer in South Africa that stocks Azoo. 
Specifically formulated for the environmental and nutritional needs to discus fish. 
Rich in vitamins B1,B2,B6,A,D,E, glucans (immune polysaccharides)  & coenzymes, Supplementing essential nutrients for discus fish. 
Greatly boosts their immunity & quickly reviews their vitality. 
Promotes healthy growth, great body shape & vibrant colours. 
The natural formula effectively treats hole in the head symptoms body colour melanosis ( or darkening disease)  & scoliosis.
Promotes good metabolism & their resistance to diseases.
Also improves the discus adaptability to new environments & their spawning / hatching capabilities increasing their survival rate. 
Applying during the treatment & after care of diseased fish  effectively raises their survival rate & shortens their recovery time. 
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