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Azoo Plus Arowana Auto Recycle

Price: R295.00

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Specifically formulated for the water treatment of highly polluted aquariums.
A variety of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria collected from nature, chemical free. Outstanding decomposition capability of pollutants in aquariums. Provides high efficiency and bio filtration. 
Instantly decomposes organic compounds, ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful substances. Breaks down fish excrement and any uneaten food,blocking the source of pollutants in an aquarium. 
Quickly becomes the dominant species of bacteria to effectively inhabit pathogen growth. 
Builds up a healthy, long term bio system for stable water conditions. Lowers the stress of fish. Also the dissolved oxygen levels. 
Clears cloudy water and removes bad odors. 
Has an efficient decomposition mechanism in the filtration system to completely clean filter pollutants. Helps maintain the best filteration performance. 
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