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Azoo Plus Discus Vitamins

Call for Price: 011 826 5887
Wazeer's Aquariums is the only retailer in South Africa that stocks Azoo. 
Specifically formulated for the environmental and nutritional needs to discus fish. 
Rich in vitamins B1,B2,B6,A,D,E, glucans (immune polysaccharides)  & coenzymes, Supplementing essential nutrients for discus fish. 
Greatly boosts their immunity & quickly reviews their vitality. 
Promotes healthy growth, great body shape & vibrant colours. 
The natural formula effectively treats hole in the head symptoms body colour melanosis ( or darkening disease)  & scoliosis.
Promotes good metabolism & their resistance to diseases.
Also improves the discus adaptability to new environments & their spawning / hatching capabilities increasing their survival rate. 
Applying during the treatment & after care of diseased fish  effectively raises their survival rate & shortens their recovery time. 
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