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Cuban Cichlid

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The Cuban Cichlid (Nandopsis tetracantus) is a very unique cichlid species that matures to iridescent purple and black coloration. It is not bred as commonly and frequently as many other New World cichlid species. It is, however, a very majestic and rewarding species that is long-lived and worthy of centerpiece display in the large aquarium. It is a robust and fairly aggressive species with plenty of personality and striking coloration. Unlike most cichlid species, the Cuban Cichlid sometimes inhabits brackish water in the wild. However, it does not require salt to thrive in the aquarium.
This cichlid has a powerful bite and can be aggressive, so care must be taken in choosing tankmates. 
As the name suggests, the Cuban cichlid is native to Cuba. It inhabits rivers and lakes and can often be found close to dense vegetation. It is still fairly unusual in the trade but is becoming more and more common. It is considered a beautiful cichlid and it grows quite big. It has a whitish base with gray/black spots and stripes. Some people think it resembles the jaguar cichlid and jaguar cichlids are sometimes sold as Cuban cichlids. (The other way also occurs but is much less common.) I personally think that although the species share certain similarities it isn't too hard to separate a Cuban cichlid from a Jaguar cichlid, especially not when they are young. 

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