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Neolamprologus Cylindricus

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The Cylinder Cichlid Neolamprologus cylindricus was described by Staeck and Seegers in 1986. These fish are endemic to Lake Tanganyika, Africa and found in the south eastern part of the lake.
Other common names this fish is known by include Cylindricus Cichlid, Gold Head Cylindricus, Golden-head Cylinder Cichlid, and Goldheaded Cylinder Cichlid.
The Cylinder Cichlid is an elongated, cylindrically shaped fish with a continuous dorsal fin, a fan shaped caudal fin, and large lips. Their teeth are very sharp due to the nature of their dietary needs.
There are ten broad vertical gray black to black bars with thinner white bars in-between. The face is gray-black to black with irregular shaped spots. Males and females are both colored the same, but there are several slightly different color morphs. Some have a blue edging on the fins and just under the eye, at times their lips tend to be blue as well.

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