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Inch Gold Dried Arowana Shrimp

Call for Price: 011 826 5887

Available on our online store:https://www.wazeersaquariums.co.za/index.php/shopping-cart/inch-gold

Floating dried shrimp, with very high protein levels and with a colour enhancing formual. Suitable for arrowanas, archers, giant gouramis, cichlids, predator fish, any meat eating fish and any top swimmingfish. WAZEER'S AQUARIUMS is the only retailer that stocks inch gold.
Large Arowana Shrimp contains fresh Shrimp full of natural astacin, processed by vacuum freeze- dying system.

Thanks to under -45%C ultra low temperature freeze- drying system, all natural nutrients will be kept inside the shrimp. Such as abundant Protein, fat, calcium,  phosphorus, natural vitamins and astacene.

Abundant Protein, fat, natural vitamins can enhance fish’s health and resistance, ensure fish growth. Rich Calcium & phosphorus can help fish skeletal development and turtle shell growth. Profuse astacene deliver superior color enhancing effect for fish.

Large Arowana Shrimp stays all nutrition of fresh shrimp and appetite. It is the best choice for home breeding fish and is best replacement of live bait for breeding large – sized camivorous aquatic species and see fish, such as Oscars, firemouths, green terrors, Dempsevs etc.

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