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Adult Uaru Cichlid

Triangle Cichlid

Albino Heckelii Eartheater

Albino Threadfin Acara Acarichthys Heckelli Luo Han

Balzanii Eartheater

Balzani's Earth Eater, Humphead Eartheater, Paraguay Eartheater

Cuban Cichlid

Subject to change depending on availability

Demon Eartheater

Satanoperca Jurupari. Subject to change depending on availability.

Flameback Cichlid

Lake Victoria in the southern part of the lake belonging entirely to Tanzania.

Boksburg Branch

Corner Oosthuizen & Frank Roads
South Africa 1459
011 826 5887

Boksburg North Branch

Corner Of Cason & Trichard Road Boksburg North
South Africa 1460
011 892 0371

East Rand Traders Square Branch

East Rand Traders Square
South Africa 1459